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"The Cut and Paste Philosophy" EP

First EP out now!

My first EP "The Cut and Paste Philosophy" is out now! A Turntablist/Producer-Work produced by myelf. I also did all the Srcatches. I am happy that Darrell, Larry Choppins, SMK and Eskry are a beautiful part of this piece too. Click here to listen to it!

Welcome to Part 3 of the Journey


After 3,5 years, the next part of the mix-series is out. Different than the traditional DJ-mix using two turntables and a mixer, this mix was made with three turntables and two mixers. The third one is a portable turntable. In the spirit of Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, DJ Nu-Mark or RJD2 Orbeat created a mix that contains exclusive remixes, which can only be made with an advanced set-up: Looping a sample, putting some drums and adding some scratches and create new music with the turntables. It was a long and rocky road to record the mix properly; the more equipement you use, the more mistakes you can make. So the whole set must  be well internalized. Orbeat thought when performing this mix live it would challenge the contemporary DJ as well as himself.The music chosen for this mix goes deeper into different styles than part 1 and 2. Dark and atmospheric sounds go side by side with latin, Afro-Brazilian or classical music. The mix also features some classic tunes, you might know.

Enjoy the journey!


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Journey Into Sound Part 3 - Selection

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