About Orbeat

Swiss Turntablist Orbeat is known as the man behind the desk for Rappers and Crews like Disko4Stack, Saimon Disko, TRUWVE, Hävänais, Tilt & 200 BPM, Eskry, King MCH, SMK, Looke, Est8, Vater Morgana, Injahpendent and others.

Orbeat was born 1988 in Biel/Bienne and grew up while this city  was a sort of of Hip Hop-Mekka in Switzerland - so it was the right place to fall in love with Hip Hop and Turntablism.


While his studies he met Static Fanatic in 2013 and became part of The Wake Up. Together with their professor Reisigl, Static Fanatic and Orbeat planned and coordinated a seminar about Hip Hop at the University of Bern. Besides he digged in the crates and  built a little record collection with sounds from Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Rock over Soundtracks.


In early 2014 Saimon Disko was guest at many the Wake Up gigs. After the break up of the Wake Up Saimon Disko, Orbeat and Sanuk still worked together to push each other and make great live shows.



His music is a bricolage of cut-and-paste Hip Hop/Trip Hop mixed with rhythmic scratches and juggles - sometimes nearly dreamy. He loves digging deep the crates; but also movies, series or tv-talks are the substrate where he gets samples.


In 2019 he released the song Chatzägoud with Darrell and Franklyn, which was in many swissrap playlists during the summer months. In 2020 he collaborated with Larry Choppins: They released the album infra.red. Beside that he contributed scratches for several people (see Discography)


In 2023 he released his first solo EP "The Cut and Paste Philosophy". A Turntablist/Producer album. It's an work - or better tribute - to the DJ-Culture Orbeat grew up. He searched his unique style in combining the style of his influences like Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, DJ Nu-Mark, The X-Ecutioners and IAM. He also wanted to adapt the workflow of DJ'ing in his production (see Discography)


Orbeat is also part of: Team Reaktor and Chaos-Soundsystem.