Next shows

26th of November 2021/ Chaostruppe Plattentaufe/ DJ-Set (Link)

25th of February 2022/ Chaostruppe Plattentaufe/ DJ-Set (Link)


Past shows

27th/28th of August 2021/ DJ-Set @Generationenfestival 2021/ (Link)

30th of july 2021/ El Cannario (Konolfingen)/ DJ-Set with Chaossoundsystem

24th of june 2021/ Klangnaufestival (Klangnau)/ with Disko4Stack (Link)

19th of june 2021/ BrandDerHerde-Festival/ with Injahpendent & DJ Set with PJ

30th of Mai 2021/ Eskry EP-Taufe/ with Eskry, SMK, EST8 & Leany

09th of Octorbre 2020/ MOKKA MC Battle 2020/ Beats & DJ-Set (Link)

19th of June 2020/ Sommerbar - Hip-Hop Jam/with SMK and Looke (Link)

03rd/04th of July 2020/ Medina/ DJ-Set with Chaosoundsystem

26th of Mars 2020/Guest Talk @Let's Talk About Hip Hop/ (Link)

02nd of Novembre 2020/ Street Bazar in Thun/ DJ-Set

26th of Octobre 2019/ with Disko4Stack @Thuner Kulturnacht 2019/ (Link)

11th of Octobre 2019/ Chaossoundsystem im Zelt/ DJ-Set with Chaossoundsystem

21st of September 2019/ MOKKA MC Battle 2019/ DJ-Set with Chaossoundsystem (Link)

01st of June 2019/ Bärnjam/ with Disko4Stack (Link)

31th of December 2018/ Silvester with Chaostruppe @Gaskessel Bern/ DJ-Set

29th of Decembre 2018/ Silvenster Warm-up with Disko4Stack/ (Link)

24th of Novembere 2018/ Orbeat 30rd B-Day-Bash @Cannabar/ DJ-Set

17th of November 2018/ "Thun für alle" Party Mashup/ DJ-Set

10th of Novembe 2018/ Wähl-Bar Fest/ with Saimon Disko

02th of November 2018/ Flocke präsentiert Hävänäis im Huus/ with Hävänäis

26th of Octobre 2018/ TakaTuka Festival 2018/ with Hävänäis

12th of Octobre 2018/ BFH Fest 2018/ with Hävänäis

07th of Septembre 2018/ Solikonzerte Seenotretuung @Blago Bung/ with Injahpendent & Saimon Disko

11th of August 2018/ Rap am Thunfest/ with Steaming Stack